Accion Medica Cristiana
Empowering communities for  health and development  since 1984

A.M.C. is an ecumenical Christian organization that gives witness to Christ’s love through health, healing and empowerment.

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   About Us



Acción Médica Cristiana (AMC) is Christian organization that implements community health and development in impoverished communities of Nicaragua, with an emphasis on women, children and adolescents.



Based on our Christian principles, we will be agents of key social change, in order that communities and municipalities may implement their own health and development models, impacting their quality of life.



1.   Commitment

2.   Unity

3.   Faithfulness

4.   Solidarity

5.   Justice

6.   Liberty

7.   Mutual Respect

8.   Christian Mysticism

9.   Dynamism

10. Integrity

11. Responsibility

12. Service


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Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the world. With a population of 5.4 million people, many survive with a per capita income of less than one dollar a day and substandard conditions for health, housing, nutrition, and education.
In response to this reality, ACCION MEDICA CRISTIANA (A.M.C.) began in 1984 with  young Nicaraguan doctors offering charitable health services to impoverished communities in Nicaragua’s Caribbean Regions.

Today A.M.C. has a multidisciplinary staff of health and development professionals that include agronomists, psychologists, social workers, educators, public health and disaster prevention specialists.  A.M.C. and communities are working with an integrated approach to benefit more than 90,000 people throughout Nicaragua with a special emphasis on women’s, children’s and adolescent health.  Local capacity building, lobbying and advocacy bring empowerment to historically marginalized people.

A shift in focus from costly, dependency-oriented health care to a model of community empowerment has allowed A.M.C. to reduce health indicators such as maternal and infant mortality.  A.M.C. promotes health as a fundamental right in some of the most isolated, economically and ecologically vulnerable communities in the Central American Region.


Through its community health strategy, A.M.C. has installed potable water systems and improved health infrastructure such as latrines, wells and health posts. A.M.C.’s community pharmacy network makes quality, low-cost medicines available to rural populations. Maternal houses and midwives trained by A.M.C. contribute to safer birthing conditions for women.  HIV and AIDS prevention enable churches and schools to take an active role in preventing epidemic levels of the virus. Sustainable agriculture guarantees a secure future for children in A.M.C. communities. A.M.C.’s rapid response in times of emergencies, refugee centers and preparedness training help reduce losses when disasters strike.
A.M.C. has contributed to integrating models of health that are culturally appropriate to remote and historically marginalized indigenous communities of Nicaragua.

Cross-cutting Themes:


Community Empowerment

Rights-Based Focus: Gender, Intercultural, Family and Inter-Generational

Holistic Mission

Risk Management
 AMC´s successes depend on strong community organization and participation, and promoting values of peace and justice.
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